Empower Black Lives

Posted by Stitch Fix
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  • At Stitch Fix, we strongly denounce the systemic racial inequality that exists in this country, and the world. We aspire to be a force for change. We stand with the Black community. We unequivocally oppose racism, state-sanctioned violence, and white supremacy.

    Today, we share our commitment to being part of the long-term solution. Words are important but they’re not enough. We need to take action. We are committed to using our resources, our influence, and our data to create real systemic change.

    Here is how we are taking action:

    1. We will make a financial pledge for the long term: Stitch Fix will donate $100K to Black Lives Matter. We will match an additional $100K of employee donations to that organization too. Our founder & CEO, Katrina Lake, is also committing $100K to organizations promoting justice and equality for the Black community. As a company, we are committing to donate at least $500K over the next 5 years to provide sustained financial support to organizations advancing social justice.
    2. We will put our resources and influence behind supporting and growing Black businesses: We are motivated to continue to support Black-owned enterprises in our vendor base, but sadly there are not nearly enough. In order to accelerate change in our industry, we’ll invest to create a program of grants and mentorship opportunities to enable and support the creation of more Black-owned apparel companies. We’ll share more on this program by August 1, 2020.
    3. We will continue on our mission around equality and diverse representation: Data is power, and so we will disclose our company data on pay equity and representation by August 1, so we can share best practices and own the places where we need to be accountable for change, including more diverse hiring practices.
    4. We will reflect the diversity of our world back to our clients: We will select ambassadors for our brand and models for our marketing campaigns who represent and celebrate the Black community. We will support this talent with an additional investment of $100K in marketing, to expand our existing efforts.

    Here is where our work begins. Where we feel uncomfortable, we must lean in and do more. We commit to educating ourselves from here, as we learn how to be stronger advocates and a more supportive anti-racist community. We will hold ourselves publicly accountable to making progress.

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