Stitch Fix’s annual Style Forecast predicts what we’ll be wearing in 2023

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  • December 14th, 2022 – Today, we are excited to announce the publication of the Stitch Fix 2023 Style Forecast. Informed by billions of data points from nearly four million clients, along with key insights from our thousands of expert stylists and in-house team of trend forecasters, the Stitch Fix 2023 Style Forecast offers a pulse on what’s happening in real life, not just on the fashion runways. Read on for our top insights and predictions, and download the full report for more.

    This rich trove of data — more than any other retailer — allows us to analyze how people are living, shopping, and dressing today, and where trends are headed tomorrow. One of the most significant industry shifts is influenced by the macro environment, which continues to determine how people shop and what we’ll wear. 

    • Three-quarters of Stitch Fix clients say the economy will impact the way they shop for clothes
    • 80% of Stitch Fix clients want to be more thoughtful when shopping for clothes 
    • 90% of Stitch Fix clients prize quality over quantity

    As a result, we’ll prioritize high-quality, versatile and trend-proof clothing over fast fashion — more than half of clients say they want to cut down on this — which will give rise to The Intentional Wardrobe, a concept that borrows from the Capsule Closet and personalizes it. It’s not just “the” perfect button-down. It’s your perfect button-down. 

    And as more of us head back to the office more regularly, the line between workwear and weekend-wear continues to dissolve meaning Business Comfort — a major trend we predicted for 2022 — will evolve to 24/7 Dressing, utilizing elevated essentials such as as tees and blazers for women and polos and leather sneakers for men.

    • Nearly one in three people would rather give up a vacation day than return to formal workwear
    • 76% prefer clothing that can be worn for work and the weekend

    The explosion of TikTok continued in 2022 — and we see no signs of it slowing down in 2023. In fact, between 2020 and 2022, our clients referencing TikTok in Fix Request Notes increased 85%, while Instagram mentions fell by 72%. The impact: trend cycles speed up and many of us find it hard to keep up with the latest looks:

    • More than one-third of millennials report they struggle to incorporate current styles in a way that feels age-appropriate
    • Almost half of millennials say they feel too old for trends but care about looking stylish and current
    • Four out of five Stitch Fix stylists say that millennial clients’ biggest challenge is translating trends in a way that feels age appropriate 

    Looking back, 2022 was the year we got excited to re-emerge to the world, in style. It was the year we saw a 21% increase of wedding-specific Fix Request Notes, 42% jump for bachelorette party dressing and by spring, 91% of clients had summer travel plans. Looking ahead, we’ve identified the seven key fashion trends that will define what we’ll wear in 2023.

    #1 Beachcomber – whether vacationing or staycationing, beachy styles will rule in 2023 as we integrate tropical prints and breezy fabrics into everyday wardrobes. Nearly half of clients (46%) want breezy looks for 2023, and in fact, our clients named “Vacationcore” the TikTok trend of the year in 2022.  

    #2 Garden State – a subtle approach to florals will lighten the wardrobes of men and women; one in three of our stylists predict it will be the most important trend for 2023. 

    #3 Maximalism –  a mashup of saturated shades, rich textures, and bold prints for women. A third of our clients rank bold pattern-mixing as their second-favorite look for the year ahead.

    #4 Prep School – mini skirts, pleats, prim button-ups and blazers, which are up 40% year over year (especially oversized and plaid), offer a sweet, sophisticated take on preppy dressing for women.

    #5 Proportion Play – as we continue to embrace oversized, voluminous silhouettes, and hemlines drop, we expect styles like midi dresses and baggy trousers worn with fitted tops to be on the rise this year. Just look to sales of women’s wide-leg bottoms for proof, which more than doubled in sales year over year. 

    #6 Commutercore – for men tech fabrics will perform an everyday role as 70% of men want to wear performance fabrics for everyday living. Expect to see more polos or pants with stretch, breathability, and crease resistance as four out of five (79%) of our stylists ranking Commutercore as the men’s number #1 trend for 2023. 

    #7 Cabincore – a men’s look that brings the outdoors in with rugged and utilitarian details. Think varied textures of flannels, knitwear, and puffers worn together to give a cohesive yet refined look.

    Clementine is Stitch Fix’s Color of the Year for 2023: Last year we predicted Vibrant Magenta as the 2022 color of the year and Barbiecore ensued. Looking ahead, we predict Clementine as the 2023 Color of the Year, a saturated, juicy orange that will give our closets and our moods a boost. It’s all in the data…

    • We saw an increase in Fix Request Notes containing the word “orange” in summer 2022 compared to summer 2021
    • Sales of this bright citrus hue are up by more than a third year of year, with no sign of abating

    Every day, we continue to receive thousands of new data points and insights from our clients on their likes and dislikes, the evolution of their style, important moments in their life, and more. As we take these insights and analyze what this means for our clients, we’ll continue to lead the way in personal shopping and styling in 2023 to help clients feel — and look — their very best. 

    Campaign imagery available here. Download the full report for more. 

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