We’re Teaming Up With Venus Williams to Empower Women to Reach Their 2022 Fitness Goals

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  • Today, we’re excited to announce our “Goodbye Gymtimidation” campaign to address workout anxiety, which impacts 67 percent of American women. We’re teaming up with trailblazing tennis champion Venus Williams to help women break down barriers to meeting their personal goals and conquer gymtimidation, which women experience twice as often as men.

    By @Craig Ambrosio, 2021

    New research indicates that 2-in-3 women experience amplified gymtimidation when returning to a fitness routine following a major life event, such as having a baby or experiencing upheaval due to the pandemic. This issue is more relevant than ever as many take on new fitness goals at the start of 2022, whether exercising outdoors or taking a virtual group yoga class. At 80 percent, workout anxiety is especially high among millennial women and 82 percent of moms feel anxious about working out after giving birth. Furthermore, over 70 percent of women admit they’ve skipped a workout because they didn’t have any workout clothes that made them feel confident.

    We partnered with Venus Williams, tennis champion and entrepreneur, who has experienced gymtimidation herself, to help women bid farewell to gymtimidation. In our mission to inspire women to be their most confident selves in whatever their wellness goals may be in 2022, we’re sharing Venus’ personal tips to beating workout anxiety, highlighting the power of finding workout clothes that make you look and feel your best, and offering access to meditations and wellness content to keep you motivated. 

    By @Craig Ambrosio, 2021

    Venus’s pro tips on beating workout anxiety

    Venus shares her top tips on beating workout anxiety, from establishing a pre-workout routine, including 8-hours of sleep daily, to having the right pump up playlist on hand to get you in the zone and ensuring you feel confident in your gym outfit. She stresses the importance of mindfulness, having a daily ritual, and setting intentions. Never underestimate the power of a strong workout outfit, as our data showcased, women are much more likely to stick to their workout routines when they feel confident and their workout gear fits perfectly.

    • Mindfulness: I encourage everyone to develop their own personal routine to get in the right headspace. It’s important to feel good in order to perform your best, so do whatever works for you and commit to it. Before my workout, I take a deep breath and remind myself to be present. As soon as I start working out, I tune everything else out and the anxiety starts to fade.
    • Outfit: Feeling confident in my workout outfit is a huge priority for me. I always perform my best when I feel my best, and there’s nothing wrong with looking good at the gym! That’s what I love about Stitch Fix – they have a great selection of sizes and styles that make it easier for customers to get the look they feel the best in.
    • Ritual: Sticking to an 8-hour sleep schedule and a specific morning routine are the biggest things I do to keep myself in a healthy and positive mindset daily. I never skip my morning skincare routine – it helps me wake up and feel rejuvenated. I truly believe in the importance of taking care of your entire body.
    • Getting in the Zone: Sometimes getting in the zone can be as simple as listening to the right song on my way to the gym. I’m obsessed with my gym playlist which is full of high-energy songs that get my blood pumping! You can check out my go-to playlist on the EleVen by Venus Spotify profile here.
    • Intention setting: If I’m finding it hard to jump into a workout, I like to take the time to set my intention and remind myself that I’m doing this for my body and my mental well-being. I love starting my day by taking my dog, Harry, for a walk outside before my workout because it’s the perfect time to mentally reset, relax and reflect on what my day will bring and how I plan to tackle it. Whatever your workout regimen is, it’s important to remember that you are doing this for yourself above everything else!

    Research shows that women are more likely to stick to their fitness goals if they have workout clothes that make them feel confident

    Data from our survey found that nearly 90 percent of women are more likely to stick to their fitness goals if they have workout clothes that make them feel confident. We’re here to support women at every phase of their fitness journey, whether shopping directly on Freestyle or discovering hand-selected stylist picks in a Fix. In addition, 59 percent of women also said it’s challenging to find workout gear that fits and performs perfectly and we know our data-driven fit and size expertise will help women everywhere find the best-fitting activewear possible. 

    Our diverse assortment – nearly 30 brands including Adidas, Champion, Beyond Yoga, Nike, The North Face, Free People Movement, Sweaty Betty, Girlfriend Collective, Prana and more – extensive size range, and fit expertise provides all clients with personalized looks to confidently take on their fitness routines. Please stay tuned for more updates regarding Stitch Fix and EleVen, Venus’s fashion-forward activewear brand throughout 2022.

    In 2022, women want to focus on their mental and emotional health

    In our research, we learned that 68 percent of American women want to focus on their mental and emotional health this year, so we’re partnering with the Happier app to help women overcome the mental barriers associated with gymtimidation and maintain a consistent fitness regime. Starting in February, the Happier app, in partnership with Stitch Fix, will give away 1,000 free 6-month trials with access to wellness content that will help you “Conquer Gymtimidation” and build new and positive habits throughout the year.

    By @Craig Ambrosio, 2021

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