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Marie Claire’s 7th Annual New Guard

Posted by Megan DiTrolio, Bobbie Gossage, And Leena Rao, October 17, 2019

This year, in honor of Marie Claire's 25th anniversary, our New Guard list is all about women who have celebrated their own milestones. The storied ambition gap? You won’t find it here. Instead, prepare yourself for a massive dose of career inspiration.

Need Some Fashion Advice? Just Ask the Algorithm

Posted by Arielle Pardes , September 12, 2019

At Stitch Fix, the online personal styling service, finding the right thing to wear is as much about fashion as it is about data. The company has hired over 100 data scientists to build a robust set of algorithms that determine everything from the size, silhouette, and style of each item that shows up on a client's doorstep.

Rebecca Minkoff Teams Up with Stitch Fix on Size-Inclusive Capsule Collection Just in Time for NYFW

Posted by Brittany Talarico, September 9, 2019

Rebecca Minkoff is a New York Fashion Week mainstay. Each season, she’s at the forefront of what the modern female shopper really wants in her closet whether it’s a faux fur coat or a snakeskin bag — or just to be seen when it comes to an inclusive size range. And her latest endeavor is rooted in that spirit of inclusivity and fashion for all. This season, the designer announced her continued partnership with online personal styling service, Stitch Fix, revealing that they’ve teamed up to launch their first-ever, size-inclusive capsule collection timed to her New York Fashion Week show.

Not just for the A-list: how personal stylists are becoming retailers’ secret weapons

Posted by The Telegraph, September 9, 2019

Money cannot buy you style - or so the case used to be. Then in the early 2000s came personal stylists, who would, for a fee, help high-powered and high-profile women dress well for work and red carpet events. Celebrities once absent from magazine fashion pages started topping best-dressed lists, and the talents behind those looks - Rachel Zoe, Elizabeth Saltzman, Kate Young - became famous in their own right. But now those services are being built into luxury shopping platforms in a bid to retain the ultra-high-net-worth shoppers who keep them afloat.

The Badass 50

Posted by InStyle Staff, July 10, 2019

Meet the women who are leading the way toward a better world. InStyle's third Badass Women issue is here! And the cherry on top is always the bi-annual Badass 50 feature which spotlights dedicated women from the spheres of science, social justice, law, entertainment, politics, and other industries.

Are You Clueless About Clothes? Stitch Fix Has an Algorithm for That

Posted by Sarah McBride, June 14, 2019

Founder Katrina Lake says even the biggest troves of statistics lack power unless they’re analyzed. It takes guts to tell a fortysomething woman she should wear a romper—the one-piece shorts-and-shirt combination traditionally worn by small children. Still, that’s what Katrina Lake, 36, co-founder and chief executive officer of online retailer and styling service Stitch Fix Inc., did in early June when she pulled together an assortment of clothing for a customer.

Meet Katrina Lake, the Woman Who Founded the $2.8 Billion Dollar Company Which Will Style You For £10

Posted by The Telegraph, May 29, 2019

Many personal stylists are lovely in practice – patient, encouraging and budget-sympathetic. But as a group, they have a reputation for being high maintenance. And the expense. That’s just their fees, never mind all the “elevated” items they’ll bully you into buying. It was exactly this perception that inspired Katrina Lake, a venture capitalist more used to investing in others, to set up her own business in San Francisco in 2011. Stitch Fix is an online styling service that’s affordable and accessible to us, the Mirror-Dependents.

Could Stitch Fix Solve Your Wardrobe Crisis?

Posted by Vogue UK, May 13, 2019

Katrina Lake wants to revolutionize shopping for the time-poor and over-stimulated using data and a human touch. But will her personal styling service Stitch Fix take off in the UK? Vogue meets the ground-breaking CEO of the billion-dollar fashion tech company as she touches down in London.

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