Barbiecore requests to Stitch Fix Stylists Soar Following Summer’s Blockbuster Release

Posted by Stitch Fix
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  • Barbie-inspired style is the uncontested trend of the summer, and at Stitch Fix, our clients are going all in with client requests to our expert Stylists for “barbie” inspired styles are up nearly 300% since May when the first official trailer was released. In anticipation of this summer’s hottest trend, earlier in the year, our clients identified Margot Robbie was the #1 most stylish celebrity, as featured in our 2023 Style Forecast.

    Our Stylist Alexa Glew shares her top tips for nailing the Barbiecore aesthetic. 

    1. Think Pink: if you want to try out Barbiecore but aren’t ready for a head-to-toe pink ensemble, focus on incorporating one hot pink item into your outfit. Whether it’s a bag, skirt, blouse, or sandals, treating Barbie pink as the new neutral is an easy way to infuse the trend into your personal style. 
    2. Experiment with Shades: while Barbiecore is all about hot pink, a fun way to style the trend is by mixing hues of pink for a monochromatic moment. Pairing a light pink top with dark pink trousers and a metallic belt or ballet flats will add dimension to your Barbie outfit.
    3. Play Dress Up: Barbiecore is a super fun trend that is lighthearted and meant to be whimsical. Take a maximalist approach by combining bright colors, patterns, and textures into your look. When in doubt, lean on accessories to add that extra *umph* to the look – Barbie loves to wear a chunky necklace, bangles, earrings, sunglasses, and silk scarves.

    While it’s Barbie’s world and we’re just living in it, men’s fashion has been influenced by the rise of “Kencore”  as shoppers turn to more brightly colored monochrome outfits.  To get that Kencore look, Alexa suggests the following:

    1. Brighten Up: achieving the Kencore look is all about incorporating bright colors such as pops of neon and pastels into your everyday ensemble. Ken isn’t afraid to sport a pastel top, fanny pack or neon sneakers when on-the-go. 
    2. Denim on Denim: a signature Kencore style pairs a denim tops and bottoms to lean into western Ken. Pull out those light wash denims to achieve and finish the look with a cowboy boot or hat to complete the look.

    So whether you’re ready to paint the town pink or add a subtle nod to this summer’s hottest aesthetic to your outfit, our expert Stylists are on hand to get you the look that’s perfect for you, visit to order your next Fix.

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