Stitch Fix Debuts Style Tune Ups: Personalized Style and #OOTD Playlist Inspiration on Spotify

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  • Rooted in data and personalization Stitch Fix is making getting dressed more inspired than ever with the launch of Style Tune Ups 

    Today, Stitch Fix announced the launch of Style Tune Ups, a first-of-its-kind interactive experience that leverages Spotify’s sonic sensibilities and Stitch Fix’s styling expertise. The new feature offers personalized outfit recommendations based on the trends from Stitch Fix’s 2024 Style Forecast, along with curated #OOTD playlists for a more inspired getting ready routine. 

    To further underscore the connection between music and style, Stitch Fix is also introducing Tune Up Styling Sessions –  virtual styling appointments aimed at helping concert goers translate their personalized Style Forecast trend for this year’s most highly anticipated musical tours. Combined, these new initiatives blend the creativity and inspiration of style and music to help shoppers discover looks that reflect their unique taste.

    “At Stitch Fix, we are committed to creating new ways for clients to explore their personal style,” says Stitch Fix Chief Marketing Officer Debbie Woloshin, “This experience on Spotify allows us to integrate the soundtracks of our clients’ lives to make building their wardrobes and getting dressed a more personalized and inspiring experience.”

    Stitch Fix mined billions of data points from over 100 million Fixes to create the 2024 Style Forecast, our annual trend report, and found that music will play a monumental role in clients’ styles this year, with nearly 4 in 5 of our clients taking outfit inspiration from their favorite artist, Taylor Swift,” says Stitch Fix Head of Trend Jenny Herr. “Thanks to these and other music-related insights, it was an intuitive next step to team up with Spotify—a brand also known for its expertise in data and personalized recommendations. Through the launch of Style Tune Ups, we’re able to blend both of our specialties to make getting dressed easier and more inspired than ever before, while providing clients with a fun and personalized way to marry their love of music and individual style.”


    Shoppers can head to Spotify to begin their Style Tune Up journey, where they’ll answer a few brief questions about their personal style. From there, the experience will unveil the trend from Stitch Fix’s 2024 Style Forecast that embodies their unique style. Spotify will curate a personalized playlist that captures both their style and music preferences. After their Style Tune Up results are revealed, they can head over to Stitch Fix and share their personalized results with their Stylist ahead of their next Fix. To get started, visit the link here via your mobile device. 

    Introducing Limited-Time Virtual Styling For Your Next Concert

    Concerts undoubtedly influenced how we dressed in 2023, and data from Stitch Fix’s 2024 Style Forecast shows this trend will only get stronger in 2024. To celebrate the synergy between style and music, Stitch Fix is debuting Tune Up Styling Sessions, virtual appointments with a Stitch Fix Stylist for 2024 concert attendees. Starting February 1, concert attendees can schedule a limited-time Tune Up Styling Session and receive a one-on-one virtual styling appointment with a Stitch Fix expert Stylist. Email to get started.

    With more than half of Stitch Fix clients saying they’re most likely to “dress the part” for their favorite artist’s concert in 2024, Tune Up Styling Sessions with an expert Stitch Fix Stylist offer a way for everyone to connect with a music-loving Stylist who is specifically trained to help them interpret their trends for 2024’s hottest concert tours, from Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS tour to Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 tour (and more!).


    “Through our new Style Tune Ups feature with Spotify and the introduction of Tune Up Styling Sessions, Stitch Fix is providing music lovers and style enthusiasts (and everyone in between) with looks that empower them to be inspired and save time, ensuring a wardrobe that reflects their unique style and personality,” says Woloshin.

    Start your Style Tune Up journey here on your mobile device. 

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